The Reason I Became A Fighter (5 DAY COUNTDOWN)

Published on Apr 12, 2021
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This is the most important week of my life...
Watch my fight on PPV through cable and satellite providers, or APRIL 17TH
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Jake Paul
  • Hannah Hirzy

    Hannah Hirzy

    24 minutes ago

    i think jake paul can knockout woodley

  • Braylon Reed

    Braylon Reed

    Hour ago

    Bet you won't fight mike. Tyson

  • Sydney Olivia

    Sydney Olivia

    4 hours ago

    That's a sad story u guys deserve better I'm so sorry

  • Ian P. Britto

    Ian P. Britto

    7 hours ago

    Loved this

  • Stan Gable

    Stan Gable

    7 hours ago

    2:10 - 100% pulling his punches.

  • curryisgoat30


    9 hours ago

    3 letters:
    G A Y

  • Z DMX

    Z DMX

    16 hours ago


  • jason fun time

    jason fun time

    17 hours ago

    I'm sorry for saying what I said I fell bad know

  • King_ezyy92


    17 hours ago

    Change up jake, your attitude won't get u no where In life the ego u carry isnt meeting expectations from a real one to a real one

  • apple547


    18 hours ago

    Hey Jake, Mairis Briedis is waiting for you 🤫🇱🇻

  • billy joe

    billy joe

    22 hours ago

    Jake is a Legend, i pray to god to be 10% as rich as Jake Paul and ill give 11% to charities

    • Dr. Beaumont-Tynes

      Dr. Beaumont-Tynes

      8 hours ago

      You’re prayin for the wrong reasons

  • Farrah Loar

    Farrah Loar

    22 hours ago

    You is it a pracke

  • Farrah Loar

    Farrah Loar

    23 hours ago

    Is a pracke yoooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Farrah Loar

    Farrah Loar

    23 hours ago


  • David Stratton

    David Stratton

    Day ago

    Yeah babie

  • Brooke Houtz

    Brooke Houtz

    Day ago


  • Ian's Awesome

    Ian's Awesome

    Day ago

    Yo Jake thinks he is rocky lolhe is like my brother will gey you your brother is a joke get a real life like you no one watches you anymore so just quit boxing you dog water at it

  • Denise Horton

    Denise Horton

    Day ago

    From 2 golden gloves champions!! You have. greatness... ❤....your a

    great boxer!!!!

  • Hector Arredondo

    Hector Arredondo

    Day ago

    Come get this work. World Star style. Going soft in your 20s 🤦🏼‍♂. Run it. It'll be quick right?? Come. Get. This. Work.

  • •{Gacha Girl}•

    •{Gacha Girl}•

    Day ago

    Anxiety is no joke, sometimes I forget on how to be happy. I am happy that you put this video out I can 100% relate.

  • Ryan Fagnes

    Ryan Fagnes

    Day ago

    Who else remembers when these 2 clowns faked beef😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • StratBlox


    Day ago

    15 seconds in and the sociopathology comes in, hes grown up in fame, and you "Almost lose a sense of who you were" In this case, he did lose a sense of who he was. just look at 2017 videos, and look at videos now

  • Angelique Martinez

    Angelique Martinez

    Day ago

    Hey Jake Send me a 1 ,000$

  • Angel Gonzalez

    Angel Gonzalez

    Day ago

    "hE sTaRtEd WiTh NoThInG" yeah I guess Disney didn't pay very well lmao what a fuckin tool

  • Ian Nicholas

    Ian Nicholas

    2 days ago

    Keep on going jake

  • Зелим Атабаев

    Зелим Атабаев

    2 days ago

    Fak yoo

  • Shley


    2 days ago

    I could smack you about

  • Magdiel Palacios

    Magdiel Palacios

    2 days ago

    hope you feel better

  • Bighead gamer

    Bighead gamer

    2 days ago

    When u goo a fight mg

  • Tyler Shirley

    Tyler Shirley

    2 days ago

    Jake aint nothin but a small fry to CONNOR MCGREGOR jake would get knocked in 30 secs first round

  • GoTellJesusSaves


    2 days ago

    I love the daily declarations!
    Life changers. I rely on them.
    Speaking what you believe instead of only what you can see is an extremely powerful tool.
    Faith in action.

  • Pete dunne fan

    Pete dunne fan

    2 days ago

    Thanks for putting this up everyone can understand now. I always was with you.

  • Unknown User

    Unknown User

    2 days ago

    Lol you wake a think half of the world hates you? You mean most of the world hates you

  • Billy Gray

    Billy Gray

    2 days ago

    Whats up Jake let's fight lil boy

  • sophixae


    2 days ago

    Does nobody remember jake paul in bazardbark

  • NQ Clan

    NQ Clan

    2 days ago

    Where's chance and Anthony

  • Little Man

    Little Man

    2 days ago

    Does this man have a lisp or is it just me that thinks that?

  • Jimmy Boyer

    Jimmy Boyer

    2 days ago

    off topic but you know what would be click bait video is jake door dashing in his lamborgini

  • Blurh _

    Blurh _

    2 days ago

    I’ve been watching Jake since 2016 and he’s been my influencer ever since

  • Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer

    3 days ago


  • Yo-yo Best

    Yo-yo Best

    3 days ago

    Titus still loves you

  • Emilio Galvan

    Emilio Galvan

    3 days ago

    Jake bro your amazing

  • Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez

    3 days ago

    Teofimo lopes vs jake boxer vs so called boxer

  • Rey Jay Part

    Rey Jay Part

    3 days ago

    we want you to fight floyd mayweather bro.

  • Tox1c Popper

    Tox1c Popper

    3 days ago


  • Capp’n Mac

    Capp’n Mac

    3 days ago

    Give anyone else in this world a trainer and they would beat you

  • Diego Velasco

    Diego Velasco

    3 days ago


  • Mary Strickland

    Mary Strickland

    3 days ago

    I think the boxing will keep him more focused which I feel is the point.



    3 days ago

    Oh yeah that's why Mayweather money f*****

  • JJJMALLL4 patrick

    JJJMALLL4 patrick

    4 days ago


  • The lil Skater

    The lil Skater

    4 days ago

    Bro you the best

  • Brutuss1997


    4 days ago


  • Owen Thrift

    Owen Thrift

    4 days ago

    Well here we go again 🤣

  • Kirge Aaron Kakki

    Kirge Aaron Kakki

    4 days ago

    Conor ,Woodley they come out of the MMA and fight the boxers in their ring.. Jake can you do that ,I mean come to the arena in MMA , 100 percent you will fail😁you wont dare 😁

  • Luly B

    Luly B

    4 days ago

    There’s more bad people than good.
    Ask yourself this jake “have you contributed to the bad in this world”

  • Landon Hiranthom

    Landon Hiranthom

    4 days ago

    Bro is readying change you bro I love you

  • Jeremy Hardner

    Jeremy Hardner

    4 days ago

    You a fighter… 😂

  • Motown Phenom

    Motown Phenom

    4 days ago

    Yo add yourself to the new boxing game fuck it

  • x52TINO52x


    4 days ago

    Do this more you know this entire video just saved my life

  • Clayton Pont

    Clayton Pont

    4 days ago

    I add you on snapchat jake add back

  • Elijah Anthony Libby

    Elijah Anthony Libby

    4 days ago

    Y'all already Know Jake be acting hard till he fights Ryan Garcia

    • It's Jxyden

      It's Jxyden

      2 days ago

      They friends now

  • Randy Torres

    Randy Torres

    4 days ago

    Ya need to start a world wide fight club anyone can get them hands ( youtuber celebrity regular people anybody) start of a whole new world

  • Jesmarie Rolon

    Jesmarie Rolon

    4 days ago

    Jake just whant to say if I never whatcha you I will never know how to beat up my kid *jk* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



    4 days ago

    Plz go baby to Jake paulers without a beard

  • Hanging with the Holztragers

    Hanging with the Holztragers

    5 days ago

    I now your old neighbor from America her name is Krista

  • Hanging with the Holztragers

    Hanging with the Holztragers

    5 days ago

    Your house number is leacked

  • Nathan Vale

    Nathan Vale

    5 days ago

    11:08 that’s exactly what you do everywhere no bullshit

  • The Daniel Show

    The Daniel Show

    5 days ago

    Great video bro

  • Nathan Vale

    Nathan Vale

    5 days ago

    This guy is a joke to the sport a way of disrespecting boxing’s is exactly what he’s doing jake Paul is a joke

  • User


    5 days ago


  • Nick Giant

    Nick Giant

    5 days ago

    I'm 41 and I could beat your ass in the ring and I've never boxed before Jake. Seriously any time you want to go.

  • Taylor Trenary

    Taylor Trenary

    5 days ago

    One thing I love to do is is watch you fight other people it makes me think of how far you have come in your boxing career I'm a girl and I loved to watch your videos you inspired me and always will

  • Tzudimen Jamir

    Tzudimen Jamir

    5 days ago

    Spoiled kids brothers



    5 days ago

    Fuking joker

  • rawaa khmas

    rawaa khmas

    5 days ago

    U mean the reason ur the most hated YouTube

  • John Paul Araneta

    John Paul Araneta

    5 days ago

    Yow, if you want your clown ass to be in the ring with Floyd. You need to fight Canelo first. Everyone knows he will beat your little brain out of your head. If you have one. “It feels like I’m in a White room, where everything is white” boi you stupid.

  • Regan Bambery

    Regan Bambery

    5 days ago

    Your a fucking bundy mate 👌

  • TheHoodPope420


    5 days ago

    Once you get your ass knocked out your gonna stop lmao

  • Muggo Ganerva

    Muggo Ganerva

    5 days ago

    The reason. MONEY

  • Andres Bastidas

    Andres Bastidas

    5 days ago

    How ridiculous 🤢

  • Paul Villarreal

    Paul Villarreal

    5 days ago

    Your brother got dogwalked like a biccch

  • Quincey Sterrett

    Quincey Sterrett

    5 days ago

    WHY U TRYNA BE Conor McGregor

  • Aditya G

    Aditya G

    5 days ago

    Love you Jake Paul❤️

  • Fullon Sendington

    Fullon Sendington

    5 days ago

    Your brother got worked. Easy money for Mayweather

  • Prof. Crumpits

    Prof. Crumpits

    5 days ago

    He became a fighter because he was scared sh!tless of be fucked up

  • MyNameJeff


    5 days ago

    You aint a fighter

  • Nitrors77


    5 days ago

    I want to see it

  • Nitrors77


    5 days ago

    When is the fight gonna start

  • Lewis Vanes

    Lewis Vanes

    5 days ago

    cant even lie i generally feel his pain

  • Brandon R

    Brandon R

    5 days ago

    I wish you success.

  • Keelan Williams

    Keelan Williams

    5 days ago


  • Keelan Williams

    Keelan Williams

    5 days ago

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  • Theyadore Dior

    Theyadore Dior

    6 days ago

    this make me look at them so much different , i actually like them now i herd so much about them .. & there different

  • Jacob Mitchell

    Jacob Mitchell

    6 days ago

    U a real one

  • ban shullai

    ban shullai

    6 days ago


  • Allen RODGERS

    Allen RODGERS

    6 days ago

    Lmfao lmfao lmfao lmfao 🤣

  • Mangall Oinam

    Mangall Oinam

    6 days ago

    Hy Jake let's fight

  • gunforhirenz


    6 days ago

    who are you? are you a musician ? I have no idea who you are and I work I the music industry

  • Fvalen Alaskey

    Fvalen Alaskey

    6 days ago

    I'm sorry for all them haters but you got to keep going on keep pushing

  • Fvalen Alaskey

    Fvalen Alaskey

    6 days ago

    Jake your video meant so much thank you for this