my message to KSI. lmao.

Published on Nov 29, 2020
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Park South Freestyle Ft. Mike Tyson


Jake Paul
  • Unknown Pulse

    Unknown Pulse

    Hour ago


  • Voided


    8 hours ago

    When u think ur a good boxer but only fight ufc fighters 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Thomas Games

    Thomas Games

    Day ago

    1:06 you’ll thank me later

  • Chunky Boi

    Chunky Boi

    2 days ago

    Yeah it shows you got brain damage

  • Futuristic Glitches

    Futuristic Glitches

    3 days ago

    Who talks like that on front of there mom.

  • Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia

    3 days ago

    Man looks like the crackhead diaries 💀

  • John Waldron

    John Waldron

    4 days ago

    Your gonna get battered

  • mossy art

    mossy art

    5 days ago

    Jake paul in the strip club

  • Ally Simpzzz

    Ally Simpzzz

    6 days ago


  • Shadow


    7 days ago


  • simonn360


    7 days ago

    z side

  • Mr JAKUB

    Mr JAKUB

    8 days ago

    Dude its covid your so drunk

  • RyUdEr


    8 days ago

    he gets more likes on his music videos then you 😂😂

  • All About Sports

    All About Sports

    8 days ago

    Family strokes

  • coffeedog 89

    coffeedog 89

    9 days ago

    My mom play with the kids next store the kids next store

  • i drink ur tears %

    i drink ur tears %

    10 days ago

    He's the kind of person to drink water while taking a piss

  • Harshh Gupta

    Harshh Gupta

    10 days ago

    D r u g s

  • Hi


    10 days ago

    How high is he

  • Clout Lord

    Clout Lord

    11 days ago

    Why the fuck is he filming himself chest naked with his mom

  • Niranjan Gaming

    Niranjan Gaming

    11 days ago

    Oh beat him up if you can dumb

  • Quetzali Ostrich

    Quetzali Ostrich

    12 days ago

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  • nighttwinn13


    12 days ago

    Bro shut up just because u won some random guy doesn't me u have to keep fighting every one just injoy life while u can

  • Prithvi Surendra

    Prithvi Surendra

    14 days ago

    And he still hasn’t fought an actual boxer

  • TheM&GBrick


    14 days ago

    Where did his good editing go...

  • ExoticDestroyer14


    14 days ago

    If I was Jake, I would do this, 😃🔫👈

  • Cheyenne Woodson

    Cheyenne Woodson

    15 days ago

    I used to love Jake now he’s turned into well this

  • Harri Lea

    Harri Lea

    15 days ago

    He can’t even wear a hat properly

  • El Kuni Reyes

    El Kuni Reyes

    16 days ago

    Why do u laugh like that cringe

  • ogiiben 21

    ogiiben 21

    16 days ago

    My question is if jake paul really good why didn't he accept ryan garcias contract

    • 9 M Josh

      9 M Josh

      15 days ago

      He ain't good tho 😂😂😂

  • Shragyy


    18 days ago

    Send him contract

  • HarryGamingClips 007

    HarryGamingClips 007

    18 days ago

    What was the song name in the background

    • Pizza


      16 days ago

      Taste (feat. Offset)

  • Alfie Wilkinson

    Alfie Wilkinson

    21 day ago

    This part was fire 1:06 🔥🔥🔥

  • FaTe_ShoT212


    21 day ago

    wtf is that laugh 1:01

  • NG17


    21 day ago

    U literally make it about the money.

  • Missy Fisher

    Missy Fisher

    21 day ago

    You drunk

  • Gorxzy


    22 days ago

    is that floyds hat

  • Xgamer 14

    Xgamer 14

    22 days ago

    Is this your comin out party?

  • Kirsti Krohn Garnæs

    Kirsti Krohn Garnæs

    22 days ago

    Bro stop thinking ur better then everyone😂😂

  • Juan シ

    Juan シ

    23 days ago


  • Gyft Prescott

    Gyft Prescott

    23 days ago

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  • Doom Slayer

    Doom Slayer

    23 days ago

    "SiGn ThE cOnTrAcT bRo"
    Ok dude who laughs like 80 year old.

  • Zelvio


    23 days ago

    Dude right next to his mom this is cringy af

  • Niklas H

    Niklas H

    24 days ago

    0:14 “I’m a real dogg🐶”

  • シisla


    24 days ago

    now i think abt it you look like a druggy

  • シisla


    24 days ago

    your mum looks like my nan ngl

  • Sands Boys

    Sands Boys

    24 days ago

    The mom is right there wt

  • astro wastro

    astro wastro

    24 days ago

    nah jake i feel bad for YOU lmfao 💀

  • Rift Boy

    Rift Boy

    25 days ago

    Sweeet Home Alabama

  • Judo- teki

    Judo- teki

    25 days ago

    His music is trash 🗑

  • Reese Reberski

    Reese Reberski

    26 days ago

    You knocked out a retired Basketball player

  • Mattpro Ulloa

    Mattpro Ulloa

    26 days ago

    He is so drunk

  • SFF 11

    SFF 11

    27 days ago

    His laugh at the end tho 😂😂😂

  • DragonDY


    27 days ago

    Jake is the type of guy that would pull a fish out of a tank to save it from drowning

  • Rawnak Rafiq haque

    Rawnak Rafiq haque

    27 days ago

    ur literaly the best

    • Epic Epic

      Epic Epic

      2 days ago

      Thank you 🙏

    • lil pasta

      lil pasta

      24 days ago


    • Carson Biddick

      Carson Biddick

      26 days ago


  • Callum Harman

    Callum Harman

    27 days ago


  • Michael Greene

    Michael Greene

    27 days ago

    Jake Paul is drunk

  • Mr. Yest

    Mr. Yest

    28 days ago

    I feel bad for the mom

  • Maximiliano Marin Trejo

    Maximiliano Marin Trejo

    29 days ago

    It's funny how he has his mum with him

  • MukyFN


    Month ago

    He is the type of guy to give his dog cat food

  • just a cup of tea

    just a cup of tea

    Month ago

    My favourite part of the video 1:06

  • Lochie Brown

    Lochie Brown

    Month ago

    wtf is that laugh

  • Νικόλας Καμπακης

    Νικόλας Καμπακης

    Month ago

    The like to dislike ratio tho

  • David Samuel

    David Samuel

    Month ago

    he sounds so dumb

  • Mith


    Month ago

    His music career isn’t going anywhere? Look at the charts lol

  • Christian


    Month ago


  • Emmanuel Lara Vargas

    Emmanuel Lara Vargas

    Month ago

    Got you’re hat

  • Jaffer Chikte

    Jaffer Chikte

    Month ago

    Then why did your bro lose to him

  • Mr. Squeezy

    Mr. Squeezy

    Month ago

    Gotcha hat

  • Mike Lindell

    Mike Lindell

    Month ago

    Who’s mom is that?

  • Bubble1x


    Month ago

    jake paul, the type of guy to win a rock paper scissors match against a 2 yr old and have the biggest ego about it

  • Lion Ess

    Lion Ess

    Month ago

    Wtf was 1:04

  • the blue irongolm jade

    the blue irongolm jade

    Month ago

    Nice one

  • Gamer Sivory

    Gamer Sivory

    Month ago

    He laugh so evil 😈

  • Nour -

    Nour -

    Month ago

    Dating or Related?

  • Uliks Kasapi

    Uliks Kasapi

    Month ago


  • Toyolad


    Month ago

    Damn his mom is only with him still bc of the money lmaoooooooooo

  • conor kirkman

    conor kirkman

    Month ago

    Netflix: are you still watching

  • conor kirkman

    conor kirkman

    Month ago

    1:03: When you stub your toe at 3 am and try to be quite

  • NewsPaperBin


    Month ago

    1:02 caption this

    • conor kirkman

      conor kirkman

      Month ago

      When you stub your toe at 3am

  • Dean Smith

    Dean Smith

    Month ago

    He is the type of guy to put lipstick on his forehead to make up his mind

    • 駄無


      Month ago

      that was hard xDD

  • Brown Boy

    Brown Boy

    Month ago

    Its funny how everyone that commented on jake pauls channel are roasting his

  • Andrew Northen

    Andrew Northen

    Month ago

    What’s that song in the background?

  • Lenin Minecraft

    Lenin Minecraft

    Month ago

    Is it me or jake paul’s eyebrows look stupid now

  • Ballin With B

    Ballin With B

    Month ago

    1:06 this is lowkey the best part

  • Friendly Orangutang

    Friendly Orangutang

    Month ago

    Jake Paul has his grandma in bed

  • Jabifoto


    Month ago

    Almost more dislikes than likes (and I love it)

  • Space Stone

    Space Stone

    Month ago

    The amount of likes this video has just surprises me

  • Anthony Twinto

    Anthony Twinto

    Month ago

    I was laughing the whole time

  • Cobrez_21


    Month ago

    homie he called you out fight him

  • Dyefox 54321zz

    Dyefox 54321zz

    Month ago

    Honestly 1:06 is Jake Paul’s best work yet

  • Aditya S

    Aditya S

    Month ago

    His music career is doing much better than yours

  • Jamie Mak

    Jamie Mak

    Month ago

    No one likes you

  • TransparentSoul


    Month ago

    I remember watching you when I was 6- bro. You look so different

  • walnuts


    Month ago

    man is 23 and still laying in bed with his mom

  • wheezy skits

    wheezy skits

    Month ago

    This is a vid that I would make when I was 7

  • Jackson Horne

    Jackson Horne

    Month ago


  • IcyUncleChris 76

    IcyUncleChris 76

    Month ago

    How much weed has he smoked

  • StifMeister


    Month ago


  • Crad


    Month ago

    20 Million Subscribers
    15% subs are from haters who hit dislike button jake's new vid
    2% subs are from idiot jake paulers who hit like button jake's new vid

    3% subs are from logan's fans who's trying to help his immatured 8 year old brother

  • Kendall Smith

    Kendall Smith

    Month ago

    I feel like that scooby doo part was kinda racist