My Message To Conor McGregor.

Published on Jan 23, 2021
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You should've taken the $50,000,000...
Watch me fight on APRIL 17TH
Opponent will be announced soon on my Instagram: jakepaul

Jake Paul
  • Stoney


    Day ago

    Boxing is at risk of being ruined by this kind of nonsense, when they start selling more tickets and ppv than the real sport then the promoters, broadcasters etc will just push this more because it’s easy cash. Ultimately it’s the fools who pay for it that feed it, if nobody buys it then it won’t happen so save your money for a real fight and give real boxing the help it needs 🥊

  • An Tran

    An Tran

    Day ago

    If Jake win over John Cena in Wrestling then it's the ending of the world

  • Idk Idk

    Idk Idk

    2 days ago

    Jake wouldn't last 2 minutes in ufc

  • Idk Idk

    Idk Idk

    2 days ago

    Hes Challenging Connor in something he knows he has a chance at

  • Idk Idk

    Idk Idk

    2 days ago

    Jake won't fight him in ufc he has to box him

  • Dominos Pizza

    Dominos Pizza

    3 days ago


  • Myron Dias

    Myron Dias

    4 days ago

    If u see closely Jake is going bald

  • MysCxnner


    5 days ago

    My name is conner

  • Asiful Alam vlogs&fitness

    Asiful Alam vlogs&fitness

    5 days ago

    Hahaha awesome man

  • blaze conor pro

    blaze conor pro

    5 days ago

    Conor would knock u out in 10 seconds

  • YON1


    6 days ago

    says the guy with a dead bird on his head

  • El Chupapi

    El Chupapi

    6 days ago

    When plan b fails

  • Axel Jeremy

    Axel Jeremy

    7 days ago

    Just impatient to see your beaten ass.... Then i think i'll laugh at those real memes😁👍

  • Unwavering will i

    Unwavering will i

    8 days ago

    lol so many dislikes.

  • DumbStuff LMTD

    DumbStuff LMTD

    8 days ago

    Wanker alert

  • JD Philips

    JD Philips

    8 days ago

    Lol this dude calling dustin a bum , dustin would kill him in a fight what a clown.

  • Crippled_boy


    8 days ago


  • ShingekiNoKyojin


    10 days ago

    Jake is the type of guy to try something oncd and then start calling himself the best

    • Levi Ackermann

      Levi Ackermann

      8 days ago


  • miny


    15 days ago

    why he look like donald

    • Louis337


      14 days ago

      Cause he hiding his balding ass hairlineb

  • Kylo Ren

    Kylo Ren

    17 days ago

    Jake is like the only guy to laugh at his own jokes.

  • dumbshiteating ape

    dumbshiteating ape

    17 days ago

    a living condom ad

  • Grindsta


    20 days ago

    Jake going bald👩‍🦲👩‍🦲🤣

  • Huh ko

    Huh ko

    23 days ago

    Your brother cant even beat floyd mayweather and his challenging him classic what kind family are you

    • Louis337


      14 days ago

      His brother can’t even beat another USflowr lmao

  • Mark Ferguson

    Mark Ferguson

    26 days ago

    Cocaine is one hell off a drug

  • Ibrahim Ubaidullah

    Ibrahim Ubaidullah

    26 days ago

    Today, my kids asked me why they should use protection
    So I showed them this video

    • Olivia Perez

      Olivia Perez

      14 days ago


  • The People's Champion

    The People's Champion

    27 days ago

    Wow your calling Dustin a bum. Look at you

  • Fazal Naqvi

    Fazal Naqvi

    28 days ago

    Conor cares as much about you as your parents did, somewhere close to nothing

    • Louis337


      14 days ago

      Yeah the one time he talked about him he referred to him as " the Paul guy " that killed me

  • Dylan risky

    Dylan risky

    28 days ago

    This dude sounds like a dam man that got ran over by a bus with Fortnite kids and then smoked weed and how to potato transplanted it as a heart

  • Jerel


    29 days ago

    Says the man who tries to be like him

  • LunatiX


    Month ago

    Conor will Slap You out.. Just shut Your Mouth stay clam

    • Louis337


      14 days ago

      If Connor can last 10 rounds with Floyd he can destroy Jake in 2

  • Monke_CS


    Month ago

    Bruh why isnt this banned.. like reported 15-20 times already

  • Bruno Carneiro

    Bruno Carneiro

    Month ago

    does he always need to talk like a superior person ? jake looks like he is never gonna grow and be a man, always the same show off kid, sad =(

  • Àlek Hernandez

    Àlek Hernandez

    Month ago

    Jake like stop you are gonna get your ass beat and he does NO want to fight you for the money he has more money then you ever got from YouTube

  • KoKane


    Month ago

    People also want refunds for your pitiful "fight"

  • Elizabeth Mcgovern

    Elizabeth Mcgovern

    Month ago

    The fact that he is calling Conor weak and scared is just a sign of fear because Jake is scared.

    • Vanessa Miller

      Vanessa Miller

      23 days ago


  • God


    Month ago

    guy is trying so hard to cover up his balding hairline

  • Is this the departure lounge?

    Is this the departure lounge?

    Month ago

    Poor Jake. All that brain damage he received during his looooong boxing career has left him a dribbling idiot.

  • Anon y

    Anon y

    Month ago

    Lol hair guy

  • Michael Bostock

    Michael Bostock

    Month ago

    Does Jake know that he fought a basketball player

  • Helina Jones

    Helina Jones

    Month ago

    More dis likes then likes lol

  • Affinity Consuiting

    Affinity Consuiting

    Month ago

    TThis guy needs to start he’s going to get his self hurt

  • Ranajay Ahlawat

    Ranajay Ahlawat

    Month ago

    He doesn’t realise that Conor will kill him

  • Jaime Lannister

    Jaime Lannister

    Month ago

    Man he should use some of his money and get him a good doctor.

  • Status Mov

    Status Mov

    Month ago

    0:43 when your on drugs so much and u start laughing for no reason

  • Nas


    Month ago

    "GoT yoUR HaT🤧"🤣🤣

    • DANX


      23 days ago


  • dexterT1000


    Month ago

    Ye I didn’t want to fight you because it’s a waste of his time he would KO anyone 🥊🥊

  • T&X Cooper

    T&X Cooper

    Month ago

    Aint nobody fuckin witcha man..

  • karthik t

    karthik t

    Month ago

    get your ass in an octagon with an actual UFC fighter

  • Intellectual Experience

    Intellectual Experience

    Month ago

    Maniac episode

  • Jonathon Murrison

    Jonathon Murrison

    Month ago

    Fight a guy named GGG hes a lot smaller than you twice your age you’ll probably beat him

  • Anthony Plaza

    Anthony Plaza

    Month ago

    0:18 Ok and Ben Askren got paid 500,000 to fight a bum too

  • DAMN


    Month ago

    why u so obsessed with him

  • EN


    Month ago

    1:06 is the best part

  • PearseDraws09


    Month ago


  • Phil J.L Fig

    Phil J.L Fig

    Month ago

    I’m actually rooting for jake after the Ben fight, should have put money on jake

  • Miles Wookey

    Miles Wookey

    Month ago

    Bruh he still looks like a child 🤨⁉️

  • Yes No

    Yes No

    Month ago


  • unrefusableoffer


    Month ago

    You dream about fighting McGregor you better wake up and apologize

  • Supernatural Boy

    Supernatural Boy

    Month ago

    That bum is the 4th best pound for pound fighter in the ufc

  • joshy


    Month ago

    Like at least he is going to at least fight an actual boxer

  • Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    Month ago


  • Kishi


    Month ago

    Youtube kid

  • Gracelynn Rose

    Gracelynn Rose

    Month ago

    this guy really thinks he can beat conner McGregor

  • Derick Ortiz Lemus

    Derick Ortiz Lemus

    Month ago

    jake paul would want to fight selena gomez

  • DⲆ٢Ϗs七ລ٢


    Month ago

    Bro why did u guys decide to make this guy famous like of all people😑

  • J_K_N_J_O E

    J_K_N_J_O E

    Month ago

    Fight someone who isn’t a YouTuber or retired or an ex nba star then you can joke about this waste man

  • kreemlmaoxd


    Month ago

    my message to your mom - educate your child

    • Ari


      Month ago


  • StepBro Suspect

    StepBro Suspect

    Month ago

    You a goofy ass kid who went from making kids content to Acting all tough on the internet and fighting people where you clearly have the upper hand🤣🤣🤣

  • Progamerz ontop

    Progamerz ontop

    Month ago

    Stop doing drug ads!

  • Diva Abbas

    Diva Abbas

    Month ago

    Remember when he use to post every day vlogs and it was just him having fun with his family and friends, l miss those times

  • Bastrd Btw

    Bastrd Btw

    Month ago

    Just please come Off the drugs
    Edit: stay on the drugs

  • Norwichbanter 07

    Norwichbanter 07

    Month ago

    More dislikes than likes haha love to see it

  • KingOzzyGenshin


    Month ago

    Deji would beat Jake in a fight

  • PRO X Jayant

    PRO X Jayant

    Month ago

    jake paul vs conor a punch of conor end jake paul carrier

  • Farrenz


    Month ago

    Connor McGregor doesn’t even know who you are

    • tripie tripies

      tripie tripies

      Month ago

      He knows

  • Team Fire191

    Team Fire191

    Month ago

    Only reason you got knocked out is because he was the Right Punch but you're such a p****

  • Nydardolla


    Month ago

    Condom ad

  • Jamie King

    Jamie King

    Month ago

    What the hell is Wrong with you

  • Mirjana


    Month ago

    Jake paul looks like that really unlikeable guy from your class that would always overreact to stuff and give his opinion on things despite nobody wanting him to open his mouth

  • Fahadh Moosa

    Fahadh Moosa

    Month ago

    What happend to Jake's Hair

    • Fahadh Moosa

      Fahadh Moosa

      Month ago

      @UK Drill yeah 😂🤣🤣🤣

    • UK Drill

      UK Drill

      Month ago

      He’s going bald

  • Jennifer Higdon

    Jennifer Higdon

    Month ago

    1:06 thank me later

  • Ursula Omeara

    Ursula Omeara

    Month ago

    Ur funny bro

  • e a

    e a

    Month ago

    2 months later, where's the fight, stop ducking

  • Retro


    Month ago

    C R I N G E

  • Kay Kbiibi

    Kay Kbiibi

    Month ago

    Conor mcgregor

  • SkyfoxPlays


    Month ago

    Step up big man, lets see you fight Dustin in an octagon 🤡

  • Kuy Soursdey

    Kuy Soursdey

    Month ago

    Haha! You got whole squad laugh

  • L Williamson

    L Williamson

    Month ago

    I think you might have worse hair than my grade 11 chemistry teacher

  • Alondra Cosme

    Alondra Cosme

    Month ago

    Connor will make the same video but with
    “Jake Paul Got Knocked out”

  • Luston


    Month ago

    If jake cares bout winning then he’s one stupid guy unless he’s trained for years. If he’s doin it all for fun then good on him

  • Macrovic Michosevic

    Macrovic Michosevic

    Month ago

    Wow.. I think you will be the winner

  • orzo


    Month ago

    1:05 thank me later

  • Lightning_RS5_McQueen


    Month ago

    All this coming from a wanna be fighter.

  • Ryan


    Month ago

    Lmao Dustin poirer is a bum???

  • Jimmy Williams

    Jimmy Williams

    Month ago

    I hade a stroke watching this

  • Peter S

    Peter S

    Month ago

    rofl I like this dude.

  • Mellpy


    Month ago

    UFC ain't no joke...cmon Jake :/

  • HxtTxt


    Month ago

    thank me later

  • Roman Torteli

    Roman Torteli

    Month ago

    Is there a secret way YouTube let's you dis-subscribe a channel?

  • Aaron Silvosa

    Aaron Silvosa

    Month ago

    Get into the octagon with Conor then