My $50 Million Dollar Offer To Conor McGregor

Published on Dec 14, 2020
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If you won't take this offer, you are just a scared little bitch honestly

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Jake Paul
  • Jackson Duke

    Jackson Duke

    42 minutes ago

    Ok i will give jake a 10 out of 10 but danm in actual live kid the nicest person you'll ever know when your wife told me that they only do it for the money he is really nice

  • DOOM


    8 hours ago

    How about we see JAKE go into the octagon and see how well that pans out for him

  • Mami


    10 hours ago

    Connor is scared

    • Dipdoplop


      4 hours ago

      Stfu hes just ignoring this kid

  • Farrukh Radjabov

    Farrukh Radjabov

    13 hours ago

    Let’s go

  • Elizabeth Justine

    Elizabeth Justine

    14 hours ago

    shut up jake paul

  • N H

    N H

    16 hours ago

    He should fight Dana I’d pay to see that haha

  • Joven Barola

    Joven Barola

    18 hours ago

    This clown keep tainting boxing, we need Pacman to wipe youtube famew*re shits

  • AGP_Scorpio


    19 hours ago

    Am I the only one watching this after I just graduated

  • jake is cool

    jake is cool

    22 hours ago

    There is only one conor mgregor and theres no fighter better and he's gona knock out jake paul

  • Phil Flanagan

    Phil Flanagan

    23 hours ago

    This goes down as one of the best call outs in history.

  • skipelzz


    Day ago

    C’mon jake yk corner would beat ur ass and make sure you know that ur only doing this so u will make money

  • Awa Badjie

    Awa Badjie

    Day ago

    Shut up jake paul he didnt sign the contract cause he knew he was gonna beat you😠

  • Isabel Williams

    Isabel Williams

    Day ago

    U called Dana ugly when your forehead can fit the whole United States on it-

  • Naorem Pangamba

    Naorem Pangamba

    Day ago

    Got your hat😂



    2 days ago

    Is 100% true and there is 22 more dislikes on this video than there are likes



    2 days ago

    I can't believe Jake Paul went to Disney channel to this

  • shiv Bajpai

    shiv Bajpai

    2 days ago

    Idk why both Paul brothers wish death 🤣

  • the stew

    the stew

    2 days ago

    Can Jake even count to 2 imagine how many people were there to help count

  • the stew

    the stew

    2 days ago

    Connor doesn't need ur money tho

  • Nora Novak

    Nora Novak

    2 days ago

    jake is on drugs or he is drunk

  • yuliia vass

    yuliia vass

    3 days ago

    Why would he bring up his wife tho, what a moron

  • Spaceclips


    3 days ago

    More like the other way

  • Jesus is um, GREAT

    Jesus is um, GREAT

    3 days ago

    Man your so toxic it’s surprising that you even have any friends. Calm down and be humble against your opponents. God bless✝️👍

  • Naiyan Kabir

    Naiyan Kabir

    3 days ago

    Lol Conor make 86 Million on floyed Vs Conor fight

  • SansTheKid


    3 days ago

    Im Jake Paul And Your Watching Disney Channel

  • LDBoss


    3 days ago

    Jake av you seen ya self on your disney advert

  • Jose Valdez

    Jose Valdez

    4 days ago

    Seems like Jake doesn’t know Conor already makes more than 60 million in every single fight

  • Nate


    4 days ago

    Jake asking conor to knock him out is still disrespectful to conor

  • cuffe Cuffe

    cuffe Cuffe

    4 days ago

    Conner will knock you out with one hit you ugly cat

    • cuffe Cuffe

      cuffe Cuffe

      4 days ago

      And Jake is just a little boy who just copying Conner because he is scared

  • guzzi man96

    guzzi man96

    4 days ago

    Funfact, conor lawsuited him, and the thing is still going

  • Theyab Alwahdi

    Theyab Alwahdi

    4 days ago

    Your wering this 👙👗

  • Aman Gaur

    Aman Gaur

    4 days ago

    1:00 best part of the video 😍😍😍😍

  • Éatan Ollaínn

    Éatan Ollaínn

    4 days ago


  • Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker

    5 days ago

    conor may just kill him

  • Muhanad Alamuddin

    Muhanad Alamuddin

    5 days ago


  • Marian Lupulescu

    Marian Lupulescu

    5 days ago

    It would be fun to see you in the UFC cage with McGregor

    • Marian Lupulescu

      Marian Lupulescu

      5 days ago

      To be sure that you'll need facial recontruction you should fight with Jorge Masvidal in UFC.

    • Marian Lupulescu

      Marian Lupulescu

      5 days ago

      You can invest that 50 mil $ in facial recontruction after that

  • King Cobra

    King Cobra

    5 days ago

    From an Irish fella your some sasuage 😂

  • Shawn


    5 days ago

    Youre just a little ant to him jake

  • BOLLYWOOD cringe

    BOLLYWOOD cringe

    5 days ago


  • hahahaahhaha hehehehhehehhe

    hahahaahhaha hehehehhehehhe

    5 days ago

    fight him in ufc

  • Ivy Olives

    Ivy Olives

    5 days ago

    This aged poorly

  • Todd Piedad

    Todd Piedad

    5 days ago


  • woopZEWT


    5 days ago

    He really thought he did something...

  • Deagánach Ó Cathasaigh

    Deagánach Ó Cathasaigh

    5 days ago

    Is mallintinneach é

  • Muff ASMR

    Muff ASMR

    6 days ago

    Jake Paul beat up a old dude that nobody even knew existed

  • pads


    6 days ago

    when jake paul gets fucking brain damage from the fight i actually think it might fiz whatever the fuck has already gone wrong

  • Wild LoneWolf

    Wild LoneWolf

    6 days ago

    Hi clown

  • hair


    6 days ago

    Jake what have you done there's no going back

  • All gaming

    All gaming

    6 days ago

    Kurang hajar doh kau

  • NI Coin Chaser

    NI Coin Chaser

    7 days ago

    What a little rat, Connor would smash your face in👊

  • DriftTheRift


    7 days ago

    You can’t really say much with Santa’s bum fluff on yer face 😂💀

  • Idiot’s Workshop

    Idiot’s Workshop

    7 days ago

    This guy couldn’t win against Muhammad Ali’s dead body

    • Bolt Ez

      Bolt Ez

      4 days ago

      Yeah he couldn't beat a ant on drugs lmao

  • Mary T Quinn

    Mary T Quinn

    7 days ago

    You think you're kid but you actually aren't going to lose between and Conor McGregor so and you could do better with your wife or your girlfriend so I can't really say much

  • Gaming with Jay

    Gaming with Jay

    8 days ago

    Jake Paul isn’t beating Conor really Jake your brother can’t beat Floyd you can’t beat Conor y’all both need to just back down be for y’all get y’all self beat up and injured

  • Daniel Lazarte

    Daniel Lazarte

    8 days ago

    Hahahahaha this sh$t is sooo fun

  • Rachel Anderson

    Rachel Anderson

    8 days ago

    Jake paul the jakey

  • shane warner

    shane warner

    8 days ago

    Any time any place Jake, stop ducking me, your a bum!!!

  • juice


    8 days ago

    Him holding the Irish flag is just plain disrespect to the nation

  • CJ Jackson

    CJ Jackson

    9 days ago

    Anyone else saw the cow in the background

  • titi.1417


    9 days ago


  • Expert


    9 days ago


  • Expert


    9 days ago

    That’s racist

  • Zak_is_a_good_human


    9 days ago

    Its got more dislike than likes

  • Michael Rose II

    Michael Rose II

    9 days ago

    Jake can you please act like you hoist to in 2017 that content was better than now

  • Happyシ


    10 days ago

    Anybody miss the old him...

    • Lorenzo


      7 days ago

      Remember when he was on Disney channel 😂

  • ShingekiNoKyojin


    10 days ago

    "Your 0-1 as a boxer, Im 2-0 as a boxer" yeah jake, step in the octagon and then witness the destruction connor will put on you.

  • Harshh Gupta

    Harshh Gupta

    10 days ago

    My muscle memory's so damn good whenever I'm on this channel my thumb automatically clicks the dislike button.

  • David Elford

    David Elford

    10 days ago


  • Miles Wookey

    Miles Wookey

    10 days ago

    shut up

  • Chris Tucker

    Chris Tucker

    10 days ago

    what an emotional guy, yikes

  • Em van Rotana

    Em van Rotana

    11 days ago

    POV:He copying conor style and tattoo

  • YesBois


    11 days ago

    Are you good?

  • GV Games

    GV Games

    11 days ago

    This was pretty darn funny lol. Only thing I disagree is Dee Devlin. If you gonna get married and have one chick you could do a lot worse. People losing their minds, this is joking about kids.

  • 2_XLl


    11 days ago

    How does he still have 20M subs?

  • charlie sangster

    charlie sangster

    12 days ago

    He didnt even inhale

  • the_ Memegod

    the_ Memegod

    12 days ago

    Lmao just imagine what if Conor accepts, imagine the blood spiller of a special kid 💀, plus i bet he won't even last 10 seconds in the octagon 🤣

  • Me_kaleb


    12 days ago

    Jake you are going to get your ass beat

  • Xx_DeathAngel_86


    12 days ago

    Oh boo hoo let me play a sad song on the worlds smallest violin

  • Adam Magyar

    Adam Magyar

    13 days ago

    Is it me, or this guy pulling a modern day Andy Kaufman

  • Kevin Nugent

    Kevin Nugent

    13 days ago

    I am from Irland I am a fan

    • Austin Palacios

      Austin Palacios

      12 days ago

      He literally disrespected the flag, how the hell are you his fan?

  • Doge games

    Doge games

    14 days ago


  • sharkinian


    15 days ago

    Jake: i am family friendly
    Also jake:

  • yasan kavsidu

    yasan kavsidu

    15 days ago

    Lets go boy

  • Joemama


    16 days ago

    I’ll fight him myself and I’ll have him on the floor in 2 slaps

    • Louis337


      14 days ago

      Honestly Jake Paul would probably beat me up but if he fight Conor he’s dead

  • Mark Bolster

    Mark Bolster

    16 days ago

    Why would you beat up a little weird kid?

  • Javier Tham

    Javier Tham

    16 days ago

    your vocabulary is shocking

  • Bella Campion

    Bella Campion

    16 days ago

    He has more moony then you

  • King Kumar

    King Kumar

    17 days ago

    Somebody really needs to wipe out Jake Paul and his supporters from existence

  • David Garcia

    David Garcia

    17 days ago

    Apparently Instagram followers indicate your ability to fight

  • Mohammed Fuad

    Mohammed Fuad

    18 days ago

    Connor wanabe

  • Jose& jasmin Cardona

    Jose& jasmin Cardona

    18 days ago

    Jake Paul fight me boy

  • Leo the Gecko

    Leo the Gecko

    19 days ago


  • Marco J

    Marco J

    19 days ago

    Jake is really a master of baiting

  • Jamie Fenton I

    Jamie Fenton I

    20 days ago

    Your boxing career is as useless ueue in queue

    • Shreyansh Kumar

      Shreyansh Kumar

      17 days ago

      Lmfao that's certainly the most creative thing I heard in a decade 😂😂



    20 days ago

    biggest fight offer ever ? He won that times 2 losein to Floyd 😂

  • Brody Bernstein

    Brody Bernstein

    20 days ago

    Remember when he didn’t cuss

  • Can we get 20k subs with no video?

    Can we get 20k subs with no video?

    20 days ago

    Jake Paul would win anyyy day

    • Normie


      13 days ago

      Hahahahaha 9 year old roblox gamer

    • Can we get 20k subs with no video?

      Can we get 20k subs with no video?

      17 days ago

      @bob bobby No

    • bob bobby

      bob bobby

      17 days ago

      That’s a joke right

  • Tyler Haynes

    Tyler Haynes

    21 day ago

    Hahaha he got more dislike then likes

  • Hantroll threko

    Hantroll threko

    21 day ago

    How sad dude trying to have the same beard like Conor

  • Slasher Yeet

    Slasher Yeet

    21 day ago