Logan Told Me Not To Fight This Guy... (FIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT)

Published on Jun 1, 2021
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Jake Paul
  • Black panda

    Black panda

    2 hours ago

    0:29 🤣🤣

  • lane herrlinger

    lane herrlinger

    2 hours ago

    Jake Paul is on steroids.... no reason a man with his age should have acne.... especially with a paid nutritionist...??????

  • Ruby_Raulito Valdez

    Ruby_Raulito Valdez

    2 hours ago

    Who is the strongest one you or your brother

  • XOXO Gamer

    XOXO Gamer

    2 hours ago

    Ur gonna get clapped🖕

  • TheMorris Brothers

    TheMorris Brothers

    3 hours ago

    Yall all saying Jake isn’t a real boxer...but at the same time you want him to fight a real boxer. How does that add up.

  • Retumile Letshabo

    Retumile Letshabo

    4 hours ago

    Jake Paul should fight Diego Sanchez next. Never fight an active UFC fighter bro

  • Jakey Chan

    Jakey Chan

    4 hours ago

    Remember when Jake stole Mayweather's hat. That was funny as 😃
    Especially the bit when Mayweather broke Jake's glasses and gave him a black eye 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Do you remember that Jake Paul ??
    Do you dipship ??? Hahaha

  • Berty Bertface

    Berty Bertface

    6 hours ago

    You're a smart bloke. Become the most irritating person on YouTube in the hopes people will pay to watch you get your ass beat. Well played. I kind of hope you put in a solid effort and perhaps even win against a worthy opponent one day. But as it stands, you're just out to make loads of cash and so is everyone else surrounded by this chaos.

  • Shane's Warped World Creations

    Shane's Warped World Creations

    6 hours ago

    Nothing lethal about you. He going to hurt you little boy.

  • jim jones

    jim jones

    7 hours ago

    Ahhhh jake you paint your nails

  • Jedidiah Tangara

    Jedidiah Tangara

    8 hours ago

    Fight manny pacqiao you will be knockout 1sr round

  • rayspeed


    8 hours ago

    "I want to challenge myself"
    Continues to fight retired mma fights, at least fight a retired boxer like your brother...

  • Sky Daniel

    Sky Daniel

    8 hours ago

    Jake please stop and think about this one 😂

  • Michael Mcdonald

    Michael Mcdonald

    9 hours ago

    Please fight me jake!! U clown!!

  • emil surlason

    emil surlason

    11 hours ago

    Jake is the king of youtube and i love the videos bro

  • Hannes Anderberg

    Hannes Anderberg

    12 hours ago

    Fight Anthony joshua

  • shawk The system

    shawk The system

    12 hours ago

    Jake paul: 🤕 hah gotcha hat

  • Giuliano Portelli

    Giuliano Portelli

    13 hours ago

    Step up your fights by fighting a boxer

  • tashigi smoker

    tashigi smoker

    13 hours ago

    Small pp energy

  • qwerty


    14 hours ago

    jake vs austin 🥊

  • Brandon Sanchez

    Brandon Sanchez

    15 hours ago

    You gonna fight Canelo

  • Am Pro

    Am Pro

    15 hours ago

    Ur still alive?

  • Bob


    16 hours ago

    Damn bro your such a comedic genius
    Oh sorry it was auto correct I forgot the quotation marks

  • Lois Iwerebor

    Lois Iwerebor

    17 hours ago

    Y’all hear the cam person chewing gum so loud or is it only me

  • Emma sgaftssccg

    Emma sgaftssccg

    17 hours ago

    Do you remember Patty

  • Dorijan1312


    17 hours ago

    0:55 nails hahaha u gay

  • Noah Reviews

    Noah Reviews

    18 hours ago

    Vivo.en mexico

  • Weekend Home Projects

    Weekend Home Projects

    18 hours ago

    If he beats Woodley he'll get his own Disney NSFW channel.

  • apple547


    18 hours ago

    Jake save for power for Mairis Briedis 🇱🇻🤫

  • Snaxxx 311

    Snaxxx 311

    18 hours ago

    How come you didn’t show the part of the clip when Jayleon said “I been the champ too I got my belts”??? Asking for a friend

  • WhoEvenCares


    20 hours ago

    Jake Paul knows how to pick his opponents.

  • Dennis Ly

    Dennis Ly

    20 hours ago

    nothing like mechle le vs faze jarvis

  • Pe_rry


    20 hours ago

    Again. If you ever feels useless REMEMBER there's a like button on jake pauls videos.

    • Prometheus


      20 hours ago


  • Antonia Conway

    Antonia Conway

    21 hour ago

    I love this 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Cameron Seabaugh

    Cameron Seabaugh

    21 hour ago

    The metal hat is ksi's headband

  • Luke Lucas

    Luke Lucas

    22 hours ago

    I like how Jake's chin is too big for his face and that his top lip doesn't move when he talks.

    .........also he is going bald

  • yug


    22 hours ago

    Paul brothers vs diaz brothers

  • William Grant

    William Grant

    Day ago

    Jake paul needs a shave

  • AaronSavage_2011


    Day ago

    Old Jake Paul back in this once video no 🧢

  • The Logab 56

    The Logab 56

    Day ago

    lets get this for 1mil DISLIKES

  • AaronSavage_2011


    Day ago

    Old Jake Paul back

  • lordsith8319


    Day ago

    This be a hard fight

  • Zain Masud

    Zain Masud

    Day ago

    ¨Gotcha hat, fuck its metal.¨

  • mdsc843


    Day ago

    Maybe he will hit you hard enough to correct your jaw to get rid of that horrendous lisp

  • TRG


    Day ago

    2:59 who's deez?

  • Honest Insincerity 2

    Honest Insincerity 2

    Day ago

    The saddest part in this video is all the Yes Men he calls his "friends" who would disappear the SECOND this douche loses his money or 6 year old fans.

    • Vum HuH

      Vum HuH

      20 seconds ago

      I'm 18

  • Silvano van Delft

    Silvano van Delft

    Day ago

    Ur saying you wanna challenge yourself well box a proffesionel boxer no noobs or mma fighters that are new to the sport your trashtalking people that are new to the sport of boxing inmagine lmfao 🤣

  • Emma Riley

    Emma Riley

    Day ago

    Jake my mother ducking money is on you.

  • Adam Craig

    Adam Craig

    Day ago

    Tyron knows he could kill everyone in that dressing room lol

  • lee smith

    lee smith

    Day ago


  • Pete dunne fan

    Pete dunne fan

    Day ago

    Bro the paul brothers make youtube boxing fun and interesting

  • Hydroswrld


    Day ago

    6:02 i cant stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • hasan ali

    hasan ali

    Day ago

    Wearing nail polish 💅😂🤦

  • Fabbricks81


    Day ago

    I'm none and 40 and I easily beat you in a boxing match. You are both waf.

  • BïG D

    BïG D

    Day ago

    The first thing of MMA is boxing 🤣🤣🤣 I wish I could write my own life... Spoilt little brat

  • Bryce lim

    Bryce lim

    Day ago

    Fight ryan Garcia l want to see that



      Day ago

      There friends

  • Aidan


    Day ago

    I’m only subbed to I get a notification to dislike each video

  • Amauri Fenton

    Amauri Fenton

    Day ago

    Why did Jake run over his brother

  • Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith

    Day ago

    Any old ass fighter will take a dive for a bag

  • Free Minded Ent

    Free Minded Ent

    Day ago

    Vids with u n ur bro r always good brotherly chem

  • Wasil Bhuiyan

    Wasil Bhuiyan

    Day ago

    Why’d he run over a statue of himself at the beginning tho???

  • Why Guy69

    Why Guy69

    Day ago

    Gotcha to read my comment

  • Pi


    Day ago

    Fans of Jake Paul, I have a 1 worded question for you, why?

  • An Tran

    An Tran

    Day ago

    Is wrestling even real?

  • Fred Fred

    Fred Fred

    Day ago

    😂😂😂😂 I fuckin love this

  • Johan Quintero

    Johan Quintero

    Day ago

    What the fuck Spanish gut

  • DD Vlogs

    DD Vlogs

    Day ago

    I miss the everyday vlogs

  • OnDaDot Official

    OnDaDot Official

    Day ago

    Say what you want he's stepping up his opponents retired dad bod wrestler to retired MMA decently shaped MMA fighter with a actual Lil bit knockout power and no cardio because he's a 40 year old man

  • StratBlox


    Day ago

    Cut off your beard for future 20.5 mil

  • RaiYay


    Day ago

    Jake paul needs a new editor. HIRE ME.

  • Ceero Music

    Ceero Music

    Day ago


  • Flora Kalic

    Flora Kalic

    Day ago

    Good video bro

  • Flora Kalic

    Flora Kalic

    Day ago

    Good video bro

  • Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus

    Day ago

    He’s that annoying kid who has mad adhd that no one sits with at the lunch tables

  • Geno Tritto

    Geno Tritto

    Day ago

    Fighting better opponants than most boxers do for there first 4 fights. Facts.

  • joshua Murphy

    joshua Murphy

    Day ago

    Lol. Your a good fighter. You hit hard and can hurt people but up until now you have been the only person in the ring that can make that claim. That’s going to change when you fight some of these guys. One of these guys is going to put you to sleep. Confidence is healthy ego isn’t

  • AFCA020


    Day ago

    u wont last 1 round in ufc.. u are a joke when u fight someone in ufc

  • Family Movie Night 1989

    Family Movie Night 1989

    2 days ago

    Jake Paul train all day destroy this chump because he's taking you serious

  • bat_tosho


    2 days ago

    Got your hat. Fuck its metal! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 0:27

  • G O O G I E

    G O O G I E

    2 days ago

    This is the first and the last time I react to Jake Paul.

  • Piano Man

    Piano Man

    2 days ago

    But Ben askren couldn’t fight tho

  • Adem Kurtović

    Adem Kurtović

    2 days ago

    *fighting a retired wallmart employee*

  • Tio Nino

    Tio Nino

    2 days ago

    So when are you going to fight Charlie Zelenoff? he will e perfect match for you.

  • dēofol


    2 days ago

    There's two of them?

  • Greeninja38


    2 days ago


  • xLucasWR


    2 days ago

    0:26 - 0:30 explains his entire being in 4 seconds

    • J V S

      J V S

      8 hours ago




    2 days ago

    Gotcha hat 🎩

  • hammodi your bud

    hammodi your bud

    2 days ago

    Anticlimactic really anticlimactic

  • Jack Hicks

    Jack Hicks

    2 days ago

    When is he guna box against an actual boxer?!? He's guna brag about out boxing non boxers!

  • Daniel Reid

    Daniel Reid

    2 days ago

    Just dropped off to dislike, report and now I’m gonna delete my search history and smash my laptop

  • Celathian Aaron

    Celathian Aaron

    2 days ago


  • Delusional Echo

    Delusional Echo

    2 days ago

    “I took Floyd mayweathers hat” dosent mention that he got beat up and had a black eye because of that

    • 3RdEye View

      3RdEye View

      7 hours ago

      Right fr floyd hit em like his father use to

    • Koriyagay the ninja

      Koriyagay the ninja

      14 hours ago

      Man got those fucking rymes

  • Noah Brown

    Noah Brown

    2 days ago

    Fucking shweeps 😂😂

  • What's Real Media

    What's Real Media

    2 days ago

    I'd woop both of yall easy yall under cover racist pick a real black fighter.

  • Jazzy


    2 days ago

    My. I birthday is August 28

  • DURTY705


    2 days ago

    🇨🇦 Roney - Jake Paul 🇨🇦

  • Sleepy XVI

    Sleepy XVI

    2 days ago

    When will they fight someone who isn’t retired 🤣

  • Jayveon Facey

    Jayveon Facey

    2 days ago

    7:42 i love them 🤣

  • Don


    2 days ago

    Disney boi stfu