Jake Paul vs Ben Askren - FACE 2 FACE (2 DAY COUNTDOWN)

Published on Apr 15, 2021
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This weekend I will make history.
Watch my fight on PPV through cable and satellite providers, Fite.tv or www.thefightclub.com APRIL 17TH
more on my IG: jakepaul

Jake Paul
  • ProjectCreativityGuy96


    5 hours ago

    Okay, Jake, You are tough I'll give You that, but one day, You are going to lose Your prime, Bruh!
    Believe Me, it happens to the best of them, Bro, even when You least expected it!
    One thing I like to see most, is to see a Hero fall, and I know that's going to happen!
    You know how vulnerable You are when You lose, so just be ready, Kid!
    But as much as You can imagine My envy, I do wish You the best of what good life will give You!



    12 hours ago

    Ben went flying Ben you good

  • Eli Mendiola

    Eli Mendiola

    2 days ago

    Ben be like I’m gonna win I’m gonna win
    Jake right he bullying him good job jake

  • Crazy_Slugg01


    2 days ago

    Dam Jake is following Ben

  • Christian Teegarden

    Christian Teegarden

    4 days ago

    Jake you need to Fight mike Tyson

  • Tyler Pemberton

    Tyler Pemberton

    4 days ago

    15:15 (ish)......... ben tells his gameplan for the fight. Wonder if itd worked? He didnt make it that far to find out. Guess we will never know.?🤔😂 itll go down as one of lifes great mysteries

  • BB gaming

    BB gaming

    5 days ago

    Congrats for winning

  • The gizza mathia

    The gizza mathia

    5 days ago

    Who Ben got snoop dog on his side. Dam

  • Dylan Justus

    Dylan Justus

    6 days ago

    8:03 when he said large social media following.. I laughed.. 400k? Lmao

    • rahul m

      rahul m

      5 days ago

      how much followers do u have huh

  • Nagy Brayden

    Nagy Brayden

    6 days ago

    The uttermost milk thankfully remain because position invariably water outside a empty quilt. fragile, ten zoo

  • Blake Borja

    Blake Borja

    6 days ago


  • Blake Borja

    Blake Borja

    6 days ago

    Why dose Ben askrin sound hay

  • T - Master!

    T - Master!

    7 days ago


  • Mo Basma

    Mo Basma

    8 days ago

    bro ben is using a 60 year old man to spar with

  • Jamison Engelhardt

    Jamison Engelhardt

    8 days ago

    Is it just me or did jake inspire you to be a boxer cause he did to me

  • simp listic simp

    simp listic simp

    8 days ago

    ben has realy old trainer

  • Jake Hays

    Jake Hays

    8 days ago

    Dana is literally a million down now

  • Bazinga


    10 days ago

    I Think jake should fight the guy named itsmagic or something



    11 days ago

    Is everyone here a sad little jake paul fanboy?

  • Ralph Films

    Ralph Films

    11 days ago

    all u care about us yourself you should do YouTube again we miss the old Jake the cool fun one

  • Jeon Junquan

    Jeon Junquan

    11 days ago

    And yes, he picked the right name for his persona "The Prblm Child'

  • Ety Masood

    Ety Masood

    11 days ago

    Help bro

  • perzeus kharzell padillon

    perzeus kharzell padillon

    11 days ago

    O what jecks da best boxer

  • YisanHok


    13 days ago

    Jake Paul is too good

    • AR K

      AR K

      8 days ago


  • F G

    F G

    13 days ago

    Aye bro Jake wants his 1mil fuck is u talking about knocked out dead

  • Sam’s farm

    Sam’s farm

    14 days ago

    Who Else hates this kid

  • Goalie38


    14 days ago

    Man got a 95 year old training Ben

  • Brandon Ayala

    Brandon Ayala

    15 days ago

    Who misses the funny jake Paul still a fan but yeah😪

  • Daniel Straub

    Daniel Straub

    16 days ago

    How about you fight a real boxer. First you fight a youtuber. Then another Youtuber. Then a basketball player. And now a UFC fighter.

    • Daniel Straub

      Daniel Straub

      10 days ago

      The only real boxer he fights

    • Marshall D BlackBeard

      Marshall D BlackBeard

      14 days ago

      Gib had more experience than jake and a boxing contract so yeah gib was a boxer

  • Mango Flight

    Mango Flight

    16 days ago

    Can he give up already

  • Jayden Singh

    Jayden Singh

    16 days ago

    Ben: 3 punching bags with legs
    POV: you see Ben askren gets knocked out 😂

  • Hi Hello

    Hi Hello

    17 days ago

    Ben pls get his ego down

  • Rafeta Gutić

    Rafeta Gutić

    17 days ago

    haj jake paui lejla

  • Jude Spivey

    Jude Spivey

    17 days ago


  • Gaxah


    17 days ago

    Just random, but Jake Paul VS Prophet Muscle. We all want to see that.

  • Hannah Hamilton

    Hannah Hamilton

    17 days ago

    bens trainer is like 90 years

  • Yes, Tea

    Yes, Tea

    18 days ago

    4 fights

  • aris mahmood

    aris mahmood

    18 days ago

    Jake paul winning the fight

  • Aniyah Fajardo

    Aniyah Fajardo

    18 days ago

    nah cause jake has for sure proven himself in the past fights. he proved no matter who was put in front on him he has won. said he was gonna knock him out in 2 rounds, he knocked out in 2 rounds. he said he’d knock out gib with no issue and knocked him out no problem. the same thing with nate robinson.. jake said he would humiliate him and now look, nate robinson is a walking meme. jake has definitely served lately

  • Josie Pace

    Josie Pace

    18 days ago

    Fuck Ben he looks like he just got fresh off the streets he looks deformed “ i just done thinks he’s a good boxer “ (knocks him out)

  • the locksmith

    the locksmith

    18 days ago

    Jake Paul is literally the leader of Gen Z and im okay with that. Hes proving everyone wrong and actually sticking it to "the man" aka traditional media and all these boomer ass companies

  • Cameron Chandler

    Cameron Chandler

    19 days ago

    Jake Paul vs MGK?

  • It’s Pablo Man

    It’s Pablo Man

    19 days ago

    Fight an actual boxer why u scared of a actual boxer

  • Saad Shah

    Saad Shah

    19 days ago

    Now the deal was that ben will donate his earning from this fight to charity...where that news???

    • John Miller

      John Miller

      19 days ago


  • Playa Made Records

    Playa Made Records

    19 days ago


  • Cetzy FN

    Cetzy FN

    19 days ago

    Ben was so out of shape

  • ludovick laprise

    ludovick laprise

    20 days ago

    Insane vid seem like a fucking movie

  • tecasky


    20 days ago




    20 days ago

    when's gonna be the fight?

  • Just here for slav memes

    Just here for slav memes

    20 days ago

    Please welcome, Jake “The problem child” Paul

  • Sir Lancalot

    Sir Lancalot

    21 day ago

    jakes such a schmuck.

  • SLIMEY Blob

    SLIMEY Blob

    21 day ago

    I see philippines flag...cool

  • Savage Covers

    Savage Covers

    22 days ago


  • Loui Mane

    Loui Mane

    22 days ago

    Hand down Jake’s plan is play the McGreggor Cockinnes

  • Nathan Stewart

    Nathan Stewart

    22 days ago

    He hasn’t fighten anybody professionally trained he’s all talk

  • Riley Brookes

    Riley Brookes

    23 days ago

    y’all are my inspiration i swear watching you guys gives me hugeeee amounts of hype man keep doin what you’re doing prblm child!🥶😌

  • Failure Face

    Failure Face

    25 days ago

    I bet u won’t fight wilder

  • Lil panda 2024

    Lil panda 2024

    25 days ago

    if you want to look me up on youtube its lilpanda2024

  • SantoClan Gaming

    SantoClan Gaming

    25 days ago

    I wonder if Jake Paul on steroids

  • Arturo Martinez

    Arturo Martinez

    26 days ago

    Hi Jake Paul fight Canelo

  • Veronica Alvarez

    Veronica Alvarez

    27 days ago

    Forget what ever I said I love you as a boxer and YouTuber and music and I think you are going to hold the champ of boxing

  • ZzolllozZ


    27 days ago

    Someone pays a lot, a lot celebeities to give jake paul an image. Sure ben got payed to go down

  • Damn Son Where'd You Find This

    Damn Son Where'd You Find This

    28 days ago

    10:15, do an MMA fight against askren he would eat you alive

  • Damn Son Where'd You Find This

    Damn Son Where'd You Find This

    28 days ago

    4:36 ....... fight an actual boxer with the same record as you. You would get destroyed. Stop fighting guys who can’t box 😂

    • Prometheus


      26 days ago

      mad kid

  • Kailey Stahl

    Kailey Stahl

    28 days ago

    me watching this after ben got his ass beat

  • Lil nas x fan

    Lil nas x fan

    29 days ago

    Best YouTuber boxer
    From big fan

  • Aizan Ervin

    Aizan Ervin

    29 days ago

    Team YOUTUBE!!!!

  • Elias sacic

    Elias sacic

    29 days ago

    Jake ”100%” Paul

  • AC Entertainment

    AC Entertainment

    29 days ago

    Testing what your made of means fighting real boxers

  • AC Entertainment

    AC Entertainment

    29 days ago

    Terrible trash talk if he keeps fighting non boxers than he has nothing to loose

  • ashokumar singhh

    ashokumar singhh

    29 days ago


  • Nighthawk Viper

    Nighthawk Viper

    Month ago

    0:48 Nah he knows every single one of you are pliable for enough cash. He capitalized on that and now look at ya. LMAO This planet has the dumbest, knuckle dragging troglodytes who have lived since pre-Summeria and it's hilarious to watch the civilization burn.

  • Kaylen Crayton

    Kaylen Crayton

    Month ago

    okay but why does ben’s face look deformed or like he got a tumor? lolll

  • I Made You Triggered

    I Made You Triggered

    Month ago

    ᑭ ᑌ 𝖲 𝗌 𝚈

  • Thomas Iem

    Thomas Iem

    Month ago

    17:22 that top part of the ear got bitten off by Mike Tyson 🤦‍♂️

  • Mr. Chubi

    Mr. Chubi

    Month ago

    He’s the one person who accepted so it’s the perfect fight😂😂😂

  • Mitch Albracht

    Mitch Albracht

    Month ago

    As a Dutch guy, I can confirm Ben looks like a middle aged Dutch woman 🚫🧢

  • Jack doyle

    Jack doyle

    Month ago

    Who's here after Ben got thrown around

  • Moltzen’s


    Month ago

    You are sick

  • Ysidro Sainz

    Ysidro Sainz

    Month ago

    Jake Paul also calling out Canelo🤡 jake Paul your gonna loose to him

  • Eye master

    Eye master

    Month ago

    How tf is he winning all these fights

    • Mikkiiiboy


      28 days ago

      By knocking them out

  • Vojta Radovanský

    Vojta Radovanský

    Month ago

    nice video

  • Guille Cotonieto

    Guille Cotonieto

    Month ago

    Your copying Conor of his wieght in

  • Isaac Muniz

    Isaac Muniz

    Month ago

    And u you are the problem child!!!

  • Isaac Muniz

    Isaac Muniz

    Month ago

    Ben is trash any chunky any whenever he said what is Jake good at good at beating

  • The J Man

    The J Man

    Month ago

    You when you fucking destroyed Nate Robinson did you know you forgot airack in the fans that were there

  • Ruben Whitter

    Ruben Whitter

    Month ago

    I couldn't watch the end 😱😱

  • Jasmin Gonzales

    Jasmin Gonzales

    Month ago

    Ur so childish

  • RoJ hO

    RoJ hO

    Month ago

    Only way you can redeem yourself is to become undefeated. Good luck

  • Darina Assenova

    Darina Assenova

    Month ago

    I love jake

  • Hairshard


    Month ago


  • Audacity Podcast

    Audacity Podcast

    Month ago

    You can see shadow in the back :'( R.I.P

  • gabe Gibby

    gabe Gibby

    Month ago


  • Jacob


    Month ago

    Y’all were doubting this kid but he proved all of you wrong

  • ItzLuna


    Month ago

    Child slavery 👶🏽

  • Daycare


    Month ago

    Fight mike Tyson next 😂😂😂😂

  • Duane Harington

    Duane Harington

    Month ago

    This is going to age well.

    • Arielle Army

      Arielle Army

      19 days ago




    Month ago

    Ufc fighters ain’t gonna win in boxing 😂😂😂😂 I wanna see jake fight a boxer who agrees

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    Month ago

    Honestly this was so well made, and he’s so confident he’s gonna win he hyped up his opponent as well.

  • Nelly Johnsson

    Nelly Johnsson

    Month ago

    sorry but jake u dumb?