Jake Paul Defeats Nate Robinson Via Second-Round Knockout (FULL FIGHT)

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I told you.
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Jake Paul
  • WhiteValkyrie28 Nationalist

    WhiteValkyrie28 Nationalist

    2 hours ago

    Why put that crap music to this video? It has just ruined it, and made it hard to watch

  • FaZe kay

    FaZe kay

    2 hours ago

    what a romantic wedding

  • Bernard McCoy

    Bernard McCoy

    4 hours ago

    Best instigators In the world😂

  • Not An Expert Mountain Climber

    Not An Expert Mountain Climber

    5 hours ago

    I'm so used to commentators being professional. But when snoop was here, i'm literally laughing. He's commentating like one of those people who watches street fight.

  • CarrotBoi


    6 hours ago

    My man thinks he’s a pro when he knocked out a basketball player 🤦‍♂️

  • BrutalSpider


    7 hours ago

    Nate didn’t do as bad as I thought, he had hands just ran into him to many times

  • Pain_


    8 hours ago

    wwe or what

  • A Y

    A Y

    9 hours ago


  • A Y

    A Y

    9 hours ago


  • Noah C

    Noah C

    15 hours ago

    Do you knock out His ass

  • Nuno Castro

    Nuno Castro

    18 hours ago

    That rap song is ANNOYING AS FUCK

  • Josh Shalala

    Josh Shalala

    18 hours ago

    This music is aids

  • 405dylan NSP

    405dylan NSP

    20 hours ago

    Yo Everytime u skip 10 seconds they’re hugging

  • Callum Wain

    Callum Wain

    21 hour ago

    Mate Robinson was awful

  • YAGA


    21 hour ago

    All that trash talk

  • bamie16


    21 hour ago

    6:24 Oh how the turntables..

  • Actu News Sport&Music

    Actu News Sport&Music

    21 hour ago

    What the hell was wrong with that NBA players, my lil sister boxes better. This guy was confused, the most stupid technique ever, rushin to hug

  • This Is It

    This Is It

    23 hours ago

    I thought they were just hugging lmao

  • Bhumiraj Mushahary

    Bhumiraj Mushahary

    Day ago

    Nate thought those punches were balls 🏀 so he kept running into them!

  • Spencer Garrett

    Spencer Garrett

    Day ago

    Got eemmmmm

  • KingLeo YT - Anime

    KingLeo YT - Anime

    Day ago


  • Dare Templado

    Dare Templado

    Day ago

    Scripted asf

    • bamie16


      22 hours ago

      Hahahaha gtf outta here

  • Kakarots Cult

    Kakarots Cult

    Day ago

    turn the fucking song off ffs you ruined this video

  • Dame Chaphrang

    Dame Chaphrang

    Day ago

    this is exactly what he's gonna do with the fight against Mr Woodley..hugging..!

  • EB Tista

    EB Tista

    Day ago

    Dam isnt Paul way bigger?

  • EB Tista

    EB Tista

    Day ago

    Woudnt mind seeing snoop and uncle Oscar call a fight.



    Day ago

    8:48 wtf

  • C Mike

    C Mike

    Day ago

    “Y’all wanna see a dead body” 8:48

  • Elyan


    Day ago

    That was the worse intro I've ever seen

  • Expand Your Mind

    Expand Your Mind

    Day ago

    Nate was so scared.

  • JRami Official

    JRami Official

    2 days ago

    Así piensa ganarle a canelo???? 😂😂😂😂🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Sandra Mcleod

    Sandra Mcleod

    2 days ago


  • S2G S2G

    S2G S2G

    2 days ago

    He got sent to 2050

  • S2G S2G

    S2G S2G

    2 days ago


  • Dark Slayer16

    Dark Slayer16

    2 days ago


  • シCharlotte.is.poop.


    2 days ago

    Ok but Jake kinda good at Dodging

  • Matt H

    Matt H

    2 days ago

    Swing, miss, hug for 20 seconds.

  • Matt H

    Matt H

    2 days ago

    Turn audio off to truly enjoy the video

  • Martin Rodriguez

    Martin Rodriguez

    2 days ago

    Lo veo actuado

  • Pete Lewis

    Pete Lewis

    2 days ago

    oh dear

  • Blah blah Hi

    Blah blah Hi

    2 days ago

    His next fight he’s about to get his ass handed to him

  • Bishop Basie

    Bishop Basie

    2 days ago

    Nate eyes rolled in back his head before the last knockout

  • ItzMe_Kb 1

    ItzMe_Kb 1

    2 days ago

    Literally hugged every time they hit each other but LOVE U JAKE.... NO HOMO

  • Dylan Hollar

    Dylan Hollar

    2 days ago

    Are you in love with hugging each other

  • james tally

    james tally

    2 days ago

    Get some better editors. Or at least have someone watch it before you upload it. Like come on man.

  • james tally

    james tally

    2 days ago

    Why TF would you have music playing in the background.

  • Amongus


    2 days ago

    This is truly romantic between two aggressive fighter 👨🏼‍❤️‍👨🏾 😍 ❤️

  • Raymond E Harrison

    Raymond E Harrison

    2 days ago

    Floyd ain’t Nate lol 💨

  • robert johnson

    robert johnson

    2 days ago

    WOW, Nate has heart! He got up 2 times after getting rocked!!

  • Adelana Oniru

    Adelana Oniru

    2 days ago

    Jake Paul my best boxer the problem child!!!

  • Hann Gifford

    Hann Gifford

    3 days ago

    Nate Robinson a tomato can 🥫 🤣

  • Joshua Lingard

    Joshua Lingard

    3 days ago

    Terrible music, terrible 'boxing'

  • Alien Babies Podcast

    Alien Babies Podcast

    3 days ago

    annoying af song in the background

  • Abdelali Gadouch

    Abdelali Gadouch

    3 days ago

    He fight like a

  • MattsGotIssues


    3 days ago

    What the fuck am I watching?

  • doctor gregg

    doctor gregg

    3 days ago

    Canelo bring It on. !

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez

    3 days ago


  • Joshua Garcia

    Joshua Garcia

    3 days ago

    Ok but everyone was saying Nate would beat jake but that obviously didn’t happen 😭😭

  • David A

    David A

    3 days ago

    Better fight without the crappy music playing over the announcers.🤬

  • What i like Hope you will too

    What i like Hope you will too

    3 days ago


  • Trippie Games

    Trippie Games

    3 days ago

    Literally a hugging match the paul brothers can’t box man

  • Juydi Cakes

    Juydi Cakes

    3 days ago

    Only hugs



    3 days ago

    El que abraza más fuerte gana ?

  • Nico Gamer

    Nico Gamer

    3 days ago

    Nate robinson running away from jake paul

  • Siviwe Mlandu

    Siviwe Mlandu

    3 days ago

    They love each other

  • Martin kovachki

    Martin kovachki

    4 days ago

    but that dumb song I had to watch without sound



    4 days ago


  • Johan Tueres

    Johan Tueres

    4 days ago

    The thumbnail tjo🖐️✋😭

  • Oki_Dingo


    4 days ago

    What a pathetic fight.

  • Goatrazzi Family Tea

    Goatrazzi Family Tea

    4 days ago

    Jake is doing great

  • Suresh Dilshan

    Suresh Dilshan

    4 days ago

    Is that hugging competition..? Romantic bro...

  • Cesar Tapia

    Cesar Tapia

    4 days ago

    Ésto no es box

  • Eddie Jiyo

    Eddie Jiyo

    4 days ago

    Damn...Jake Paul can rap.

  • xlwzxl xlwzxl

    xlwzxl xlwzxl

    4 days ago

    Nate holds a lot looking back at this fight

  • pousuangui kamei

    pousuangui kamei

    4 days ago

    hug match 🤟

  • Dontavious Sanders

    Dontavious Sanders

    4 days ago

    Damn, Nate went out Michael Jackson Bad.

  • Justin Cortis

    Justin Cortis

    4 days ago

    "Got Nocked The Fuck Out"

  • Ruben Big B

    Ruben Big B

    4 days ago


  • Saw Real

    Saw Real

    4 days ago

    All I hear is Smoky voice 😂😂😂 Damn...

  • The_unown1


    4 days ago

    You know when your parent say hug it out to you and your sibling thats what the first round reminded me of

  • s25117


    4 days ago

    Nice romance

  • Brandun Baker

    Brandun Baker

    5 days ago

    Bruh why Nate kept rushing so hard

  • _shadowclaw_


    5 days ago

    Nates a little fruity tryna always hug jake

  • video watcher

    video watcher

    5 days ago

    All jokes aside jake spitting on that track in the background

    • imright Iz

      imright Iz

      3 days ago

      It's a terrible song man. It makes tyron Woodley sound like 50 cent

  • DoosWorld


    5 days ago

    Why is there crap music playing over the fight? :(

  • Juan Pa

    Juan Pa

    5 days ago

    Lo único que el hace es generar view por las polémicas y los shows que monta en el rin

  • Sauccyy_ Widdittt124

    Sauccyy_ Widdittt124

    5 days ago

    How to hug a friend 101

  • Artur Masternak

    Artur Masternak

    5 days ago

    Ale kabaret jak w Fame MMa piękna ustawka. Wszczegolnosci ladowanie na deskach wygląda arcyteatralnie.

  • ice 9

    ice 9

    5 days ago

    The music was annoying af.

  • Tenderonies


    5 days ago

    Can we talk about this annoying ass music thats still playing

  • Samone Mingo

    Samone Mingo

    5 days ago

    Anybody came back here after the Floyd Fight lol.

  • John Miller

    John Miller

    5 days ago

    Gay af

  • krinkle whip tater biscuits

    krinkle whip tater biscuits

    5 days ago

    Music playing the whole time

  • Kaine Levering

    Kaine Levering

    5 days ago

    Nate just needed a hug

  • Inspiring Videos

    Inspiring Videos

    5 days ago

    After the K.O
    Ref: Are you ok Nate?
    Nate: ofcourse i am, where's the ball?

  • AyoFN


    5 days ago

    Paul fans will really watch this and say Jake is the best boxer.

  • Walid Aargab

    Walid Aargab

    5 days ago

    8:49 he just wanna to sleep

  • Ali Abbas

    Ali Abbas

    5 days ago

    Losers fight

  • Robert Bégouin

    Robert Bégouin

    5 days ago

    This is the worst boxing fight I've ever seen in my life

  • luis espinoza

    luis espinoza

    5 days ago