I Took Erika On A Date (Jerika Reunites)

Published on Mar 3, 2021
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Jake Paul
  • Oliwer Johansson

    Oliwer Johansson

    7 hours ago

    Guys just remeber to have adblock on when u watch jake pauls videos!

  • Gaming with Nash Ater and Aiden

    Gaming with Nash Ater and Aiden

    12 hours ago


  • Gaming with Nash Ater and Aiden

    Gaming with Nash Ater and Aiden

    12 hours ago

    Erika nazi

  • stuartscurfew


    2 days ago

    i’m only here for the jerika content then i’m dipping

  • The lazar Raider

    The lazar Raider

    2 days ago

    Got some mouthwash buddy 😂🤣

  • Kashd0ll._kd


    3 days ago

    i miss the old videos with erika and team 10

  • Todd McHaney

    Todd McHaney

    4 days ago

    I'm pretty sure these guys stay strapped up and have more fun playing and boxing to be worried about some cat.. I love it but uh the drama I've been thru with a female I'll take the other over a b

  • Gabby Purdy

    Gabby Purdy

    4 days ago

    What happend to tytis

  • Kody


    5 days ago

    Where the doc at huh

  • A Goat

    A Goat

    5 days ago

    So cringe 🤡

  • Hilala Nunu

    Hilala Nunu

    5 days ago

    You are a bad guy and QUIT FIGHTING YOU BADDDD

  • Venus Blu

    Venus Blu

    5 days ago

    Are those black air forces? 😂

  • ForeverCali100


    6 days ago

    Bro I’m same age as Jake Paul and haven’t prank called someone since high school.

  • Aaliyah Helton

    Aaliyah Helton

    8 days ago

    Are used to be every day bro but now it’s once a month bro

  • Milo Jebari

    Milo Jebari

    8 days ago

    Jake and erika definitely needs to get back together because they’ve been seeing each other

  • STRYKER 1215#

    STRYKER 1215#

    11 days ago

    Aren't you still married to tana

  • iiLeLeiii


    12 days ago

    Is this clickbait

  • Krabs_11


    13 days ago

    Jake looks 23, 35 and 7 at the same time. 23 with the hair, 35 with the beard and 7 with the face

  • Alishia Marshea

    Alishia Marshea

    13 days ago

    Bro I have been watching this dude since I was in 3rd grade and I'm going into 9th GRADE this year!!!! I have been watching him for 7years

  • Kacey Valsqes

    Kacey Valsqes

    13 days ago

    I'd totally start watching you again if you'd go back to being Child friendly.💀

  • Brooke and Lia!!

    Brooke and Lia!!

    14 days ago

    Why didn't you care when you couldn't go to Logan's match your so rude he was there for you your the worst brother

  • Nibras Syed

    Nibras Syed

    14 days ago

    omg ur a legend omg omg omg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg - fucker

  • Shxdow Revenge

    Shxdow Revenge

    15 days ago

    shush ur cheek is still swolan from floyd slapping u shush kid



    15 days ago

    I was looking for the German song and I found this wtf

  • Nevaeh Moreno

    Nevaeh Moreno

    15 days ago

    Remember when he used to senser his swearing

  • Greg Miller

    Greg Miller

    15 days ago

    Why does he remind me of jay leno

  • Greg Miller

    Greg Miller

    15 days ago

    Why does he remind me of jay leno

  • Lil' SENR (Offical)

    Lil' SENR (Offical)

    16 days ago

    jake bro im sorry my nigga but shawty just using you for your money bro

  • Ronny Double

    Ronny Double

    17 days ago

    Jakes greatest decision ever.... to move

  • Evan Cowperthwaite

    Evan Cowperthwaite

    17 days ago

    You fight like a beast

  • Kingston Davidson

    Kingston Davidson

    18 days ago

    Gotcha hat

  • BigMuds


    19 days ago

    didn't ask lol

  • Malixz


    19 days ago

    @mrtop5 you made it in a jake Paul video

  • 𝓥𝓲𝓿𝓲


    19 days ago

    Where tf is erika

  • Sarah Guajardo

    Sarah Guajardo

    19 days ago

    I miss you Erika

  • Piratu Angler

    Piratu Angler

    20 days ago

    2:10 Vanilla Ice 2021

  • Piratu Angler

    Piratu Angler

    20 days ago

    lay off the xans

  • Yoink Mageee

    Yoink Mageee

    20 days ago

    Cringe kid

  • •JC and NA•

    •JC and NA•

    21 day ago

    I live in homestead

  • Reniel Catiis

    Reniel Catiis

    21 day ago

    Please help to buy my dream bike trinx m789 im pilipino supporters her😊😊😊

  • sergio aceituno

    sergio aceituno

    22 days ago

    heput MR fakeTop 5

  • Kyliee Jones

    Kyliee Jones

    23 days ago

    Jake you changed man but it wasn’t good I loved you then you went from amazing guy to a very horrible person I miss the old you

  • Vanessa Gusman

    Vanessa Gusman

    23 days ago

    R u guys actually back together

  • ACE


    24 days ago

    IS JON FROM WISCONSIN?? Meeeee tooooo!

  • Bentley Marshall

    Bentley Marshall

    24 days ago


  • Bentley Marshall

    Bentley Marshall

    24 days ago

    Ejection I have your phone 📲 number

  • Oi Oi

    Oi Oi

    25 days ago

    How old are them 5?

  • Fatma Abbassi

    Fatma Abbassi

    26 days ago

    guys i think he has a close friends list

  • Chrollo Lucilfer

    Chrollo Lucilfer

    26 days ago

    When is the documentary

  • Omar innit

    Omar innit

    26 days ago


  • Lashawn Ridgeway

    Lashawn Ridgeway

    27 days ago

    I stopped watching u when you broke up wit Erika 🙂

  • Hammad Hussain

    Hammad Hussain

    27 days ago

    are u guys back together

  • jose guzman

    jose guzman

    28 days ago

    I hope Jericka is back

    • bob bobby

      bob bobby

      17 days ago

      @jose guzman you watch jake Paul and like his content

    • jose guzman

      jose guzman

      26 days ago

      . Wydm

    • NocTemis


      27 days ago

      9 yr old

  • Bakuhoe UvU

    Bakuhoe UvU

    28 days ago

    I would join but My mom ain’t even got the money for bills let alone the close friends thing

  • swagboy_ shots

    swagboy_ shots

    28 days ago

    Are you and erika girlfriend and boyfriend

  • Wadimak Day

    Wadimak Day

    28 days ago

    How much coconut do you have so I can have some dude

  • mikaeel neptune

    mikaeel neptune

    28 days ago

    Can u plz stop saying fsa

  • masakan emak

    masakan emak

    29 days ago

    Kuwon kuwontol

  • Tom V

    Tom V

    29 days ago

    He definitely did call the first round KO

  • THE Noellian Freebird

    THE Noellian Freebird

    29 days ago

    Ya’ll soooo gross!!!🤢🤮It’s like 8th grade boys on steroids doing foul prank calls or something.



    29 days ago

    Jake paul still acts like a kid like bruv

  • Carla Reyes

    Carla Reyes

    Month ago

    Good morning jake paulers

  • coxiao


    Month ago

    remember tanthony 😂

  • Dangelo Pitcher

    Dangelo Pitcher

    Month ago

    Good video Jake HOPE to see more theses kind of vlogs

  • Riley Holmes

    Riley Holmes

    Month ago


  • Lauryn Pittman

    Lauryn Pittman

    Month ago


  • Burgundian Fascism

    Burgundian Fascism

    Month ago




    Month ago

    Jake can u ask John the keyboard and mouse he was using was it a ZerodateJ40

  • breeh516 {breanna}

    breeh516 {breanna}

    Month ago

    now reunite with tana and make jana

  • Janae Huntley

    Janae Huntley

    Month ago


  • datruth byrd

    datruth byrd

    Month ago

    Go too Jacksonville 👀

  • Camden U loser

    Camden U loser

    Month ago

    got ya hat

  • Ashley Kyser

    Ashley Kyser

    Month ago

    Do you like a king costume

  • random human

    random human

    Month ago

    Kinda thankful i read comments first before watching the vid lmao

    • Meghan Jones

      Meghan Jones

      21 day ago


  • Dametrius Gum

    Dametrius Gum

    Month ago

    Who else remember when after erika broke up with jake she got her back blown out right away

  • Eloise Raney

    Eloise Raney

    Month ago

    Who else remembers the original Team 10 house and Him on the Disney Channel and his vlogs

  • arty baby

    arty baby

    Month ago


  • Harold Styles

    Harold Styles

    Month ago

    I can't express how happy I am, this is like team 10 vibes

  • Matthew Arvizu

    Matthew Arvizu

    Month ago

    gives me golddigger vibes

  • Chaser Karpowich

    Chaser Karpowich

    Month ago

    Team 10 still a thing?

  • aloxha gabs

    aloxha gabs

    Month ago

    all i heard was "close friends. close friends. close friends.." :/ advertise much??

  • SleepLessTF


    Month ago

    What a boring fucking video

  • Qua Ellis

    Qua Ellis

    Month ago

    Hey Jackyou should stop being a wrestler in being a YouTube

  • Jason justin

    Jason justin

    Month ago

    love how jake lives his life bru he doesn’t care what anyone thinks bout him 🤣

    • Samantha Miller

      Samantha Miller

      22 days ago


  •  PL RyseFN

    PL RyseFN

    Month ago

    cant lie tyrn would bodyyyyyyyyyyyyy u lolllllllllllllll

  • Prince vageta

    Prince vageta

    Month ago

    I’m so happy you guys I getting back together I miss those old vids

  • sam gaming master

    sam gaming master

    Month ago

    Team 10 come back

  • HornyPolice


    Month ago

    i used to love your killer clown videos and stuff because they were so entertaining. youre a douche now lmao

  • KaylaPłayzz


    Month ago

    My name is jerika😬

  • Coach_Suave Rico Valentin

    Coach_Suave Rico Valentin

    Month ago

    Stop being a pushy and fight Mike Rashid 🤷‍♂️

  • zi lah

    zi lah

    Month ago

    i’m sorry where exactly was she in this

  • Jasper Chasman

    Jasper Chasman

    Month ago

    I miss Anthony chase, Tessa like the ig team mfs

  • vibezzz


    Month ago


  • Disabled Tomato Fish Ree

    Disabled Tomato Fish Ree

    Month ago

    She is gonna dump him

  • Mickey Bekele

    Mickey Bekele

    Month ago

    Damn guys, I never would have thought ANYBODY would go out on a date with their Girlfriend...

    • Samantha Miller

      Samantha Miller

      15 days ago


  • Beniam Mehari

    Beniam Mehari

    Month ago


  • Elia Selene Alvarado

    Elia Selene Alvarado

    Month ago

    What happend to tanna

  • richarocks


    Month ago

    im only here for Erika....

  • TheRiskyDj


    Month ago

    To be honest he’s gotten a little mature I just know he keeps flying people out.

  • Mediocre Sandwich ✓

    Mediocre Sandwich ✓

    Month ago

    Erika is the name of a german soldier Song