goodbye california. a new chapter.

Published on Dec 30, 2020
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new chapter...

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Jake Paul
  • Lee James

    Lee James

    6 hours ago

    I feel sorry for Puerto Rico having to deal with both of them

  • JohnTube2K


    20 hours ago

    I literally didn’t know who this guy was till he faught Mayweather

  • Thunder Rhodes

    Thunder Rhodes

    Day ago

    “Decision I had to make”………the Muppet is broke.

  • AustinFarris


    2 days ago

    So he basically left the united states and moved to Puerto Rico

  • D2sthename


    3 days ago

    I like the 2016 to 2019 jake

  • Genarson Sarmiento

    Genarson Sarmiento

    5 days ago

    There's a lot of memories 😔

  • Aldo Bitri

    Aldo Bitri

    5 days ago

    Im a pro fighter🤡

  • a man eating a cat

    a man eating a cat

    6 days ago

    Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye

  • Jim Berry

    Jim Berry

    7 days ago

    California gets nicer and nicer everytime a celebrity moves away

  • Denis Baires

    Denis Baires

    7 days ago

    The team 10 house :(

  • atefeh asadi

    atefeh asadi

    8 days ago

    Well I guss the team 10 is officially over...... haters this is what yall wanted huh u happy now......fuck u haters. Man I liked that house bro but good luck on ur new chapter man u awesome

  • Chris Lopez

    Chris Lopez

    12 days ago

    confortable kills...facts

  • All Might

    All Might

    12 days ago

    Good luck jake

  • unhxlyraptor


    15 days ago

    he’s a millionaire, yet moved to Florida to avoid higher taxes…
    he’s the type of guy who has a head only for decoration

    • Evan101


      9 days ago

      Type of guy to vacuum the floor to eat it easier

  • WayTooMutch


    15 days ago

    Subscribe to our channel. Waytoomutch

  • Jacob ballew

    Jacob ballew

    19 days ago

    "Too many distractions" bro, you created most of the distractions, the parties and everything

  • Chuckie Finster

    Chuckie Finster

    19 days ago

    It’s nice to see people when they finally grow up and mature a bit and start to understand what everyone else older than them has been saying and telling them.

  • Eduardo Salgado

    Eduardo Salgado

    20 days ago

    And so much cocaine 🤫 I remember that time last year lol

  • Drakos Pitbulls

    Drakos Pitbulls

    20 days ago

    Your pro fighter yes sure beat you up in the rain

  • Drakos Pitbulls

    Drakos Pitbulls

    20 days ago

    Spider-Girl let's get on it let's get in let's get it bro fight you in the ring bro

  • Drakos Pitbulls

    Drakos Pitbulls

    20 days ago

    Leave the videos

  • Max


    20 days ago

    Vote for Kevin Paffrath for California's Governor.

  • Tiffany Silva

    Tiffany Silva

    21 day ago

    I cant believe ppl take these brothers seriously

    • okay


      20 days ago


  • Mike's XD

    Mike's XD

    23 days ago


  • Lesa Schomberg

    Lesa Schomberg

    23 days ago

    Just for fighting you lose all your friends and family that's sad

  • Gar Saxon

    Gar Saxon

    24 days ago

    Goodbye and good riddance

  • Caden Ladov

    Caden Ladov

    24 days ago

    he moved because of taxes

  • PembrokeReaper


    25 days ago

    I’ve been watching him sense he was 21

  • mason mason

    mason mason

    25 days ago

    i love you i am a kid

  • Matthew Baitus

    Matthew Baitus

    25 days ago

    Jake is really taking boxing on the next level

  • JM Stop-Motions YT

    JM Stop-Motions YT

    25 days ago

    One of the most dramatic video ive EVER SEEN

  • Mohammed Faisal

    Mohammed Faisal

    27 days ago

    Sad bro ❤️

  • Jason Cruz

    Jason Cruz

    27 days ago

    Where’s the lambo?

  • Itz_ Kelvin

    Itz_ Kelvin

    29 days ago

    Wow I've never seen Jake like this

  • Brandon Ebrall

    Brandon Ebrall

    29 days ago

    Where tf is like the Lambo and the Tesla and all that going?

  • 8A Jauzy Dilan Ilyasa

    8A Jauzy Dilan Ilyasa

    Month ago

    damn California got lucky

  • YourOddGamer


    Month ago

    I remember when I used to watch jake paul. Ngl has a good fighter, he was a good youtuber. Well he still is he just went to fighting so he stopped his vlogs and things like that. So in my opinion he should definitely keep going and continue his fighting but goodbye vlogs. Keep it up jake paul!

  • Elliott M.0901

    Elliott M.0901

    Month ago

    “LA has to many distractions, I can’t focus on training”
    Well homie your the one making distraction.

  • turbo games

    turbo games

    Month ago

    mans is reading of a script

  • Daniele Agrosi

    Daniele Agrosi

    Month ago


  • edgar0517


    Month ago

    At least they’ll be gallons of your DNA left from all the spit that comes out your mouth

  • Alec Bishop

    Alec Bishop

    Month ago

    Yup same by by CA hello FL

  • Twisted Foxy

    Twisted Foxy

    Month ago

    I heard that your moving to Florida I live here in Florida



    Month ago

    Dude you moves to PR to avoid income tax on your ppv earnings lol

  • E Abuhasbu

    E Abuhasbu

    Month ago

    Take your brother with you

  • Adobong Bata

    Adobong Bata

    Month ago

    That Place will drop 90 percent retardation rate if you leave

  • Montreal Kuro

    Montreal Kuro

    Month ago

    Gotcha hat 👒

  • Erlc Roleplay

    Erlc Roleplay

    Month ago


  • Anthony M.

    Anthony M.

    Month ago

    wow. haters do really make you shine



    Month ago

    Hi Jake I hope we can be friends and text each other I'm your biggest fan I love you

  • H E R O gAmEr

    H E R O gAmEr

    Month ago

    Just came to dislike, ain't interested in him.

  • Sleepy Catto

    Sleepy Catto

    Month ago

  • Jamie Mak

    Jamie Mak

    Month ago

    No one likes you

  • KIM Boske

    KIM Boske

    Month ago

    hi jake i'm your bigest fan can we be friends and can we text

  • Lexi Ochadleus

    Lexi Ochadleus

    Month ago

    y’all a bunch of haters on jake god danm

  • group9management


    Month ago

    It’s a rental

  • Gabriel25


    Month ago

    Had to times 2 this video

  • Coach_Suave Rico Valentin

    Coach_Suave Rico Valentin

    Month ago

    Stop being a pushy and fight Mike Rashid 🤷‍♂️

  • Aby


    Month ago


  • Brayan Urias

    Brayan Urias

    Month ago

    Jake y no i love tem 10 houses

  • Common Sense

    Common Sense

    Month ago

    Dog: I am staying with the house!

  • Zayy 21x

    Zayy 21x

    Month ago

    Well I’m sure California will be happy and no longer a living hell

  • Christopher Rubin

    Christopher Rubin

    Month ago

    Who the f**k is he fooling, he doesn’t even own that house! His been renting it out!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TrooperZ 34

    TrooperZ 34

    Month ago

    You bought this like 1 year ago lol

  • Corbin Atkinson

    Corbin Atkinson

    Month ago

    Put it for rent or no?

  • Rizqun Jumlani

    Rizqun Jumlani

    Month ago

    Why the fuck.... the actual fuck is this in my reccomendation

  • Corey J

    Corey J

    Month ago

    This piece of trash doesn't deserve a house like that lol. Smart to get out of destroyed cali

  • Noah Perez

    Noah Perez

    Month ago

    It's every day bro. With the disney channel flow got 10 million subscribers past all the competition cutey pie is next

  • Noah Perez

    Noah Perez

    Month ago

    It ain't the end this will convince you

  • lol lol

    lol lol

    Month ago

    Better hurry your almost 30 lol

  • Gaming Boy45

    Gaming Boy45

    Month ago

    To you live in Miami or Las Vegas

  • Dark Bommer Gaming Usi

    Dark Bommer Gaming Usi

    Month ago


  • LaserChief WanKoo

    LaserChief WanKoo

    Month ago

    "Pro fighter" 😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Lawton

    Alex Lawton

    Month ago

    87k dislike

  • Jason Davis

    Jason Davis

    Month ago

    Just counting the days till he has to step in the ring with an actual fighter and gets shut the f up

  • Mike White

    Mike White

    Month ago

    Biggest dbag in the world

  • Frostedflakesboi124


    Month ago

    Will u still hang with tydus?

  • BS GAMING gamer

    BS GAMING gamer

    Month ago

    His neighbours:2021 u are my life

  • Christian Jones

    Christian Jones

    Month ago

    No self discipline then if you can’t avoid distractions

  • Aslen Jensen

    Aslen Jensen

    Month ago

    So sad

  • Cherie Fox

    Cherie Fox

    Month ago

    Who else remembers welcome to THE fuunist house in la it brought me to tearsto tears that it’s all over

  • Avree Grandstaff

    Avree Grandstaff

    Month ago

    Omg this is so sad all these memories in that house🥺

    • Avree Grandstaff

      Avree Grandstaff

      Month ago

      @Techno's Blade excuse me?

    • Techno's Blade

      Techno's Blade

      Month ago


  • Crime reaper

    Crime reaper

    Month ago

    I miss old days

    • Techno's Blade

      Techno's Blade

      Month ago


  • Nether


    Month ago


  • Jackson Meredith

    Jackson Meredith

    Month ago

    Bro I’ve watched u since the first team 10 house and now ur here damn

  • Sasha Rivera

    Sasha Rivera

    Month ago

    Jake Paul I miss the old days of you I liked the videos but now you only do fight videos but can you show your new house and do some videos because I am getting bored of other channels

  • BLaDe_FlameGOD


    Month ago

    And move

  • Patrone Man

    Patrone Man

    Month ago

    I wanna fight jake

  • Danny Craigg

    Danny Craigg

    Month ago

    You know you ain’t professional yet right

  • Alex Lawton

    Alex Lawton

    Month ago

    didn't he just leave because team 10 died

  • Kale123456


    Month ago

    This guy is fucked if he thinks he's a real pro fighter LOL

  • Onewaywheelie 11

    Onewaywheelie 11

    Month ago

    This is defo cap

  • Puppy_Squad Yt

    Puppy_Squad Yt

    Month ago

    his shirt read it upside down

    • blair


      Month ago

      Without the 'n'

  • Harry Fogarty

    Harry Fogarty

    Month ago

    Noooooo the old house that literally made my childhood

  • Yang.t Sanglir

    Yang.t Sanglir

    Month ago

    I love you jake ❤️❤️❤️❤️ why are u leaving

  • Jett Nichols

    Jett Nichols

    Month ago

    When he said he’s pro got me dying ✋🏻🤡💀

  • Geo-Seth Villota

    Geo-Seth Villota

    Month ago

    Now we have a new haunted mansion...

  • Geo-Seth Villota

    Geo-Seth Villota

    Month ago

    It's like the neighbors are finally being liberated...they're free of all the terror that they experienced.

  • Tom Peters

    Tom Peters

    Month ago


  • Jonharvey La Viña

    Jonharvey La Viña

    Month ago

    pR0 B0x€r 🥴🥴